Why vegan?

Hello fellow readers. Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Sandy and I am a 23 year-old journalism major/philosophy minor. I moved from Los Angeles to San Francisco to get away from my comfort zone and to immerse myself in my studies.

Although in San Francisco it’s more common to be vegetarian or vegan in Los Angeles it’s a bit rarer. My friends back home often ask me,”What’s the big deal with eating meat?” I don’t want to get all graphic just yet, so here’s one clip that inspired me to go vegetarian:

Lisa Simpson. She is pretty much the reason that I decided to go vegetarian.

The day after I gave up my favorite dinner of ground beef tacos, I started watching more and more graphic videos about the slaughterhouse. Videos that made me cry and feel awful about the vast amounts of pain that I used to contribute to as a meat eater. “Meet your meat” is one of those videos:

I have been vegetarian for many years now and just recently I finally felt ready to go vegan. One of my best friends is also making the transition and together we have been looking up nutritional guides and recipes.

One of the main reasons that people go back to eating meat or dairy/egg products is because of failed health. According to the Vegan R.D.’s post entitled, “Being Picky about Vegan Nutrition” people need to be strict about their diet in order to succeed, even if it’s “too much of a hassle.”

Proof of someone who has succeeded on a vegan-based diet is one of my favorite athletes Steph Davis, and unless you are a rock climber or a BASE jumper you’ve probably never heard of her.

In her blog entitled “High Infatuation,” Davis shares vegan recipes with her readers along with her many adventures as one of the leading ladies of the rock climbing and BASE jumping world. She proves that you CAN be a strong climber while eating on a strict vegan diet.

Veganhealth.org is a great site to go to get nutritional advice. It offers vegan meal plans, sports nutrition and nutritional information for kids.

One a side note I’ve always been into punk rock, it’s my favorite music genre to listen to. When I found out about Post Punk Kitchen I took an immediate liking to it. Here the lovely Isa Chandra Moskowitz, shares her recipes with an attitude and even offers instructions for a punk rock cookie jar mix, perfect for gift-giving.

And last but not least, one my favorite vegan chefs of all time, the Vegan Black Metal Chef. This guy sings black metal to some of his favorite recipes and shows viewers how to cook a delicious vegan meal while head banging and summoning the dark lord. He is creative to say the least!


One thought on “Why vegan?

  1. I remember little Lisa Simpson’s trepidation when she related her dinner and her passion for nature and animals. I think the scene you posted speaks to a lot of people who decided to go veg. Its a complicated question and issue that warrants philosophical discussion, but has a simple answer. Knowing that meat consumption is NOT necessary for a healthy diet, there is no reason to consume it in light of the atrocities being committed to beings who have the capacity for an independent life. It is actually an act of cowardliness, as the vast majority of slaughtered animals are defenseless, female beings. Things gotta change.

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